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Hi, I'm Jack.

About Advocacy Coach and Author Jack Ori
I am a writer and writing coach.  I teach aspiring authors like you how to get your books written and out into the world.
The world needs your story. But writing can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure how to get that book written or whether you should even bother writing it.
Books and writing have gotten me through some tough times. I grew up transgender and closeted, so I know what it’s like to feel invisible and like your voice doesn’t make a difference.
After my gender transition at the age of 33 (!), I wanted to give others that sense of visibility and purpose.
That’s why, in addition to writing books about people who overcome trauma to live authentic, purposeful, happy lives, I help writers like you get your books out into the world.

What Clients and Customers Say...

I went to Jack with my concerns over the fiction novel I’m writing, and in less than 30 minutes he was able to point out some key areas where I needed to switch gears and follow a different process in order to keep writing.
Eliana Barosco
Give Birth To Your Book Client
This book [Reinventing Hannah] will be a comfort to many who have suffered like Hannah as they witness her challenging journey, ultimately finding self-acceptance and love.
Amazon Reviewer