Jack works with first-time and established young adult authors to help them gain the confidence and skills they need to finish their projects and reach their publication goals. His beta-reading and editing services help writers build their self-confidence while building their skills and understanding of the industry.


Jack writes high-quality literature featuring teenagers and young adults who face and overcome serious problems. His stories empower readers by showing them they are not alone and giving them a badly needed sense of hope.


Jack empowers young adults to live life on their own terms. He works one-on-one with both young adults and parents and uses personal stories along with active, empathetic listening and structured, customized exercises to help young adults achieve the independence and successful start to their lives they crave and resolve relationship, job/school, and financial problems that are keeping them stuck.

About Jack A. Ori, MSW

I use stories to help young adults feel less alone as they make the transition to independent, fulfilling, and most of all, authentic lives. I use my past to create fictional stories that inspire and support people. I also coach individuals to help them become their best selves as well as offering trainings for organizations and groups to help them understand the issues transgender people, people with Autism, and others may face and how their groups can become more inclusive.

Prior to embracing my identity as a transgender man, my adult life was a dramatic quest to figure out who I was and how I was supposed to function in this world. I struggled with depression, got into several unhealthy relationships, and found it difficult to become independent the way I wanted.

A lot of my pain stemmed from not having the language to know who or what I was as a child and not embracing my identity as an adult. That’s why I’m dedicated to making a difference for other people who feel alienated and alone.

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About Jack A. Ori’s Writing

The Alliance of Independent Authors - Associate Member


I am a freelance writer and novelist who uses the power of the written word to help stand up for people’s rights to be themselves, foster self-esteem, and provide a greater sense of connection.

I have written over 50,000 words for various businesses via the Scripted platform in addition to being a staff writer for TV Fanatic, where I will be reviewing four shows during the 2019-2020 season:

  • Madam Secretary (CBS)
  • Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
  • Blue Bloods (CBS)
  • Days of Our Lives (NBC)

and write editorials and slideshows on a weekly basis.

My true love, however, is novel writing. I’m currently working on Reinventing Hannah, which is about a sixteen-year-old girl who struggles to reinvent herself after being sexually assaulted at the kind of party nobody expected a girl like her to go to.