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About Me

Hi, I’m Jack. 

I am an advocacy coach and writer who helps people transform from quiet, invisible, and afraid to confident, authentic and willing to stand up for themselves and others.

Prior to my gender transition in 2012, I was the king of invisibility. People literally didn’t know who I was and part of me liked it that way even though I was completely miserable. Everything changed for me when I was 33 and I finally both came out as transgender and was diagnosed with Autism. Today, I’m determined to make it easier for other people to live authentically than it was for me. I teach families of transgender people how to best support their children’s true identities as well as working with trauma survivors to help them put the pieces of their lives back together and speak up for themselves and their values.

What clients and customers say...

I feel so much relief being a client of yours now. I know that if a challenge comes up, you won't judge, but with compassion and experience, will guide our family to a solution.
Trista Carter
Full Family Transition Client
This book [Reinventing Hannah] will be a comfort to many who have suffered like Hannah as they witness her challenging journey, ultimately finding self-acceptance and love.
Amazon Reviewer

Change isn't easy, but it's possible. Let's spend 60 minutes together to move from confusion to clarity.

Follow Hannah on her inspiring journey from silent victim to bold advocate and empower yourself to overcome real-life trauma.