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Jump Starting Your Creativity With the VSS365 Challenge

By Advice For Aspiring Writers 2 Comments

I recently began participating in the VSS365 prompt challenge on Twitter. If you’re part of the Twitter Writing Community, you might have seen posts that use this strange little hashtag. #vss365 #prompt Monday March 25, 2019#frame — Monique (@starfish_72) March 25, 2019 So what exactly is the VSS365 challenge, and why am I so excited about it? VSS365 is a…

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Are You an Ordinary Hero image

Are You an Ordinary Hero?

By Mental Health and Trauma One Comment
One of my favorite Rush songs, Nobody's Hero, laments the fact that people who overcome traumatic experiences, discrimination, and other evils are not considered heroes because they are not doing larger-than-life things. Check out the song below if you haven't heard it before! It's worth listening to. Anyway, I have another take on it. I believe that most people, whether...
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