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A Boy Like Me Cover - Flat

The world says he's a girl but he can't believe them. Can he convince his family that he is who he is before it's too late?

About A Boy Like Me

A Boy Like Me 3D mockup
When he gets into a fight after pushing his way into a boys-only game, the adults' solution leaves him feeling trapped in someone else's identity...

Jasmine can’t stop acting out. Frustrated both with bullying at school and being seen as a tomboy other boys don’t want to play with, the plucky 10-year-old trans kid’s insistence that he is who he is keeps falling on deaf ears. And when disrupting the other boys’ no-girls-allowed hangout gets him sent to the principal’s office, his mom decides its time to force him to accept that he is a girl.

Can Jasmine convince his parents that he’s every bit as much of a boy as his brother before he does something so bad he can’t take it back?

A Boy Like Me is a poignant coming of age LGBT-themed short story. If you like family dramas, struggles with gender identity, and stories  written from a child’s perspective, then you will love Jack A Ori’s triumphant tale.

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