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heart failure cover

If she can't stop the stalker who is determined to ruin her life, she's going to end up in jail... or dead.


About Heart Failure

Her inability to decide between her husband and her best friend won't matter if she doesn't stop a stalker with a deadly obsession...

Gillian Mattison’s been paranoid ever since the night she cheated on her husband with her best friend, Grace. Resolved never to let it happen again, the gifted cardiologist-in-training plays the role of the perfect wife while secretly fearing that someone knows and will use it against her. But she has bigger problems than one drunken mistake after one of her co-workers dies of an overdose and someone texts her a warning to drop out of the fellowship program or she’ll be the next to die…

Determined to fight back after her pleas for help go unanswered, Gillian holds her head up high while working with a private investigator to find out who is threatening her. But her secret enemy retaliates, falsifying enough evidence that Gillian illegally gave her late colleague the ill-fated batch of drugs to put both her job and her freedom at risk.  And when the stalker attacks Grace, it forces Gillian to face her feelings for her friend while also fighting for her own life.

Heart Failure is a domestic thriller that includes a bisexual love triangle. If you like suspense mixed with serious themes, strong women who fight back hard against traumatic violence, and the drama of being in love with two people at once, then you’ll love Jack A. Ori’s gripping tale.