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Her mother's in the hospital. Her grandmother wants to keep her in the dark. But this spunky little girl is determined to find out the truth...

About Mama's Illness

Mama's Illness 3D mockup
After her mother's suicide attempt, a plucky first-grader just wants to understand....

Six-year-old Hannah has no idea how her life is about to be turned upside down.  When no one meets her at the bus stop after school, the spunky first grader walks home by herself… only to find an ambulance waiting to take her unconscious mother to the hospital.

As days turn into weeks and months and the only contact with her mother is a manic phone call, Hannah’s need for answers grows, but her overprotective grandmother is just as determined to keep her sheltered from the truth.

Will Hannah push her way into learning something she’s not nearly ready to comprehend?

Mama’s Illness is a standalone short prequel to the Triumph over Trauma coming-of-age contemporary women’s fiction series. If you like families grappling with tough circumstances, authentic depictions of mental illness, and stories for adults written from a child’s point of view, then you’ll love Jack. A Ori’s emotional tale.