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New cover - Reinventing Hannah

After an unspeakable crime, will the girl so quiet her friends call her Mouse transform into a bold advocate who stands up for herself and other survivors?

Hannah's repressed rage and relentless agony is portrayed without any melodrama, strengthening the impact of her riveting story.

The Prairies Book Review

About Reinventing Hannah

Everything was exactly the same as it was before she'd gone to the party. It was only her that was different.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Kollman’s become so wrapped up in proving to herself that she’s not like her mom that she’s lost sight of who she really is.

Her shy, sweet persona involves being the vice-president of Students Against Destructive Decisions and hanging out with friends who she thinks share her wholesome values. And it definitely does not include dating Brad Ashton, the class clown and ex-stoner she secretly crushes on.

But after she gives in to her more free-spirited friend Sierra and goes with her to a college party, Hannah’s innocence is shattered when she becomes the victim of an unspeakable crime: a drugged drink and an assault she doesn’t remember the next morning.

And as she struggles to put her identity back together, she must decide who she wants to be: the quiet girl who doesn’t rock the boat or the bold advocate for herself and other survivors.

Praise for Reinventing Hannah

This book will be a comfort to many who have suffered like Hannah as they witness her challenging journey, ultimately finding self-acceptance and love.
Amazon Reviewer
The situation at the heart of Reinventing Hannah has been explored with some frequency in YA fiction and teen television, but rarely with this sharp a focus. Ori is sensitive to trauma, to survival, to the defensive cruelty of teenagers, to the power dynamics that inform the ritual of victim shaming, and to how tensions from a traumatic experience can fracture even the sturdiest relationships.
BookLife Prize
Reinventing Hannah gets inside your heart and your head.
Allison Martine
Author of the Bourbon Books

Four Ways To Buy

  1. Buy the hardcover edition. ($19.99)
  2. Buy the paperback edition. ($12.99)
  3. Buy the audio edition ($6.95)
  4. Download the ebook ($3.99 regular/free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers)


Get to Know Hannah!

Hannah has her own website and blog. NO SPOILERS, but she shares info about herself and how she’s doing a year after the events of the book.

She also shares resources for survivors, reviews of books she’s reading, and her thoughts about survivor advocacy.