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Jump Starting Your Creativity With the VSS365 Challenge

By Advice For Aspiring Writers 2 Comments

I recently began participating in the VSS365 prompt challenge on Twitter. If you’re part of the Twitter Writing Community, you might have seen posts that use this strange little hashtag. #vss365 #prompt Monday March 25, 2019#frame — Monique (@starfish_72) March 25, 2019 So what exactly is the VSS365 challenge, and why am I so excited about it? VSS365 is a…

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self-injury word map

What is Self-Injury?

By Advice For Aspiring Writers No Comments

I’ve spoken occasionally to kids who self-injure — that is, who cut themselves, burn themselves or otherwise deliberately hurt themselves. If your child or a young person you know has this kind of issue, it can be really scary. DISCLAIMER: This blog post deals with sensitive issues that may require professional help. All opinions expressed within this post are solely…

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