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Jack A Ori , MSW: ADVOCACY Coach for quiet warriors

Build a loving, supportive relationship with your transgender child that can last well into adulthood.

Transition is an ongoing process. Take the first step today with a Full Family Transition Power Hour.

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Gender transition is a family affair, but sometimes you don't know HOW to support your child. Let's fix that.

Clarify Your Goals

Let's discuss what supporting your transgender child means to you... and just as importantly, what it doesn't mean.

Face Your Concerns

Your Power Hour is a safe space for you to express your concerns about your child's transition, explore whether they are realistic, and decide how to deal with them.

Get a Different Perspective

Get the benefit of my experiences as a transgender man as your family goes through gender transition together.

Develop an Action Plan

Let's figure out together the first steps you can take to better support your transgender child and build a supportive relationship that can last a lifetime.

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60 Minutes With Me That Are All About You

Your Full Family Transition Power Hour is your opportunity to discuss your child’s transition, get your questions answered, and overcome fear and anxiety related to parenting a transgender child.


We’ll spend 60 minutes together talking about whatever YOU want to talk about and you’ll come away with a clear understanding of what your next step is.

So how much does this cost?


Right now, the Full Family Transition Power Hour is $79.99. So we’re talking about a small investment of time and money so that you can begin letting go of fear and anxiety, take the first step toward showing your child the acceptance and support you so badly want to show them, 

Take the next step. Scroll down to book your call and let’s get started!

Sign up for your Full Family Transition Call Here.

Click the date you want, answer the questions, and submit your payment here. I can’t wait to talk with you!

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