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Impactful Words Consulting


Work with a transgender author to accurately depict transgender, asexual, and/or Autistic experiences in written work.

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Welcome Writers!

I’m Jack Ori, the author of Reinventing Hannah and other novels about young women who refuse to allow trauma to define them and transform themselves from silent and scared to strong advocates for other survivors.

I’m also transgender, asexual, and Autistic*, and I’m passionate about helping writers depict people like me accurately.

That’s why I work with both fiction and non-fiction authors who want to include characters or issues I’m familiar with in their work.

I offer one-on-one consultations with authors, beta reads and developmental edits, and online classes to help you get your questions answered and make your work as impactful and inclusive as possible.

* If you don’t know exactly what all of that means, that’s okay! Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I believe that people can’t learn unless they’re free to ask questions and am pretty open about who I am.


Authenticity Consultation

Have you written a story or script featuring a transgender, asexual, or Autistic character and want to make sure that you've gotten it right? Let me take a look at it and give you detailed feedback on what works and what you can improve to make your characters more realistic and impactful.

Messy Writer Developmental Editing Service

Do you have a draft of a story that you hope will someday make a positive impact on the world? Let's look at it together and turn your messy idea into polished work.


Inclusion Consultation

Just like I help fiction writers create authentic characters and stories, I am pleased to consult with non-fiction writers on their magazine articles and blog posts to help them become more inclusive of people like me.

Ready to Get Started?

Just fill out the application below. Please include a short sample of your work so that I can see how to best help you with your project.

Frequently Asked questions

This is a coaching system I’ve created to help people who are “quiet warriors” — those who want to stand up for themselves and others but feel too shy and afraid — to find their voice and gain the confidence they need to impact the world!

No. While we may sometimes touch upon deep emotions and are working toward change, coaching is NOT therapy. If you have a specific mental health issue (e.g. bipolar disorder, major depression, etc), please see a licensed therapist for help with those issues.

In addition, please do NOT use the info on this site as a substitute for therapy. The info provided here is for education ONLY.

My hope for all my clients is that they are empowered to speak up, change their lives, and change the world in ways consistent with their values.

As with most things, though, it comes down to what YOU put into it. I will always put at least 100% into any work I do with you, but the more you put in as well, the more you will get out of it.

First of all, I totally understand! I’m shy too, which is why I created this system in the first place.

There are lots of options and you can pick the one that best meets your needs. If right now, you’re not up to meeting, you can take advantage of the DIY options, which involve reading and maybe posting in a FB group.

For 1 -1 and group calls, we’ll have to meet, but if you feel more comfortable with your video off we can just talk.


Yes. No matter what program you’re signed up for, all interactions are confidential (that includes in the free Facebook group — posts are not to be shared outside the group!)

From time to time, I might ask for testimonials from satisfied program recipients. But I will ALWAYS get your permission in writing before putting your testimonial anywhere public 

It varies by program. The complete Quiet Warrior Support System costs $4299 and you get a LOT of stuff with that — everything from 1-on-1 intensives to an entire series of masterclasses. But there are also many lower-cost options available, and if you need help affording your best-fit program, there are payment plans available at no extra cost. You can also join my Facebook group for free.


That’s one of the reasons I have the application process. I want to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

You can always hang out in my Facebook group and ask questions there.

And if you’re on the fence, I’m always happy to hop on a quick 15-minute call to discuss your needs and what program will work best for you.

Again, it depends on what program you purchase.

  • Masterclasses always come with lifetime access.  So does the Complete Quiet Warrior System.
  • If you join the Self-Confidence Streak, you will have access for as long as you continue to pay your monthly/annual dues.
  • Individual calls are pay as you go, though monthly pre-payment plans are coming soon! However, you will get lifetime access to recordings of your calls.

I’m based in New York, but you can join from anywhere in the world because this program is 100% online! All you need is an Internet connection, headphones, a quiet place to talk, and the Zoom app.

All of my programs are application based to make sure that they are the right fit for you. (You can ALWAYS get my free guide, though.)

Click the button under the program or service that interests you to open the correct application form.

Join the Waitlist

Join the waitlist if the program you’re interested in isn’t open right now. You’ll be the first to know when it opens up and will be eligible for special prices and discounts.

You’ll also be subscribed to my email list and will receive updates on other programs and services of interest as well as tips and tricks to help you find your voice and make your impact! (I hate spam as much as you do and will NEVER share or sell your personal info with anyone!)