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Hi. I’m Jack Ori.

I’m a writer and life coach who helps people like you to live authentic lives…whatever that looks like to you.

I know how important it is to be true to yourself. I’m a transgender man who spent most of my early adulthood trying to be a straight woman when I was neither of those things, and I made a lot of really bad decisions because I was so miserable and didn’t know why. Today, I definitely don’t have all the answers, but I am a lot happier now that I’m living as my real self. And no matter how impossible your life feels right now, you can find ways to be who you most want to be and live how you most want to live too. I promise.

An authentic life isn’t easy… but it’s worth it.

When I was growing up, I felt totally alone because even though my family loved me, they didn’t understand me, and I didn’t have the words to explain what they were getting wrong. At school, I was the “weird kid” who didn’t fit anywhere and always had my nose in a book when everyone else wanted to play, and by high school I was so friendless that I refused to participate in the senior class picture because I felt it would be lying to pretend I was part of the class.

So if you’d told me then that someday I’d be a life coach and author who inspires young adults every day, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Today, though, I’m an independently published author, a life coach, and an uncle to four amazing kids who beg me to help them write their own stories. For me, living life on my own terms means empowering people like you who might feel like giving up on yourselves.

What does it mean for you? Let’s find out together…you game?

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