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Jack A Ori , MSW: ADVOCACY Coach for quiet warriors

Take the first step toward standing up for yourself and the causes close to your heart... without having a panic attack.

Turbocharge your transformation from silent and scared to quiet warrior with my “No More Mouse” Power Hour.

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You're holding yourself back from being the bold advocate you long to be because you're afraid your voice won't make a difference.
Let's fix that.

Clarify Your Goals

Let's explore your passion for social justice together and figure out what you most long to stand up for.

Identify Your Obstacles

Let's figure out together how and why you've been stopping yourself from speaking up

Get a Different Perspective

Let's shift your understanding of how activism works so that you can change the world without changing your quiet nature.

Develop an Action Plan

Let's figure out together the first steps you can take to fight for the change you long to see in our world.

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60 Minutes With Me That Are All About You

Your No More Mouse call is all about you: your hunger to change the world, your fear of standing up for yourself and others, your confusion about what to do or how to get started.

I work with all sorts of people who desperately want to kick fear to the curb and start standing up for the people and causes they are passionate about (including themselves!).

No More Mouse calls are especially useful if you are a:

  • parent of a transgender or neurodiverse child who wants to stand up for your children and other kids like them
  • Trauma survivor who wants to overcome anxiety related to speaking up so you can advocate for other survivors
  • Young or not-so-young adult who wants to make a positive impact on the world and are disappointed in your inability to do so.

So how much does this cost?

I’ve designed the No More Mouse Power Hour program to be affordable so that ANYBODY can get started right away.

Right now, it’s $79.99. So we’re talking about a small investment of time and money so that you can begin letting go of your fear and anxiety and become the leader you’ve always meant to become.

Take the next step. Scroll down and let’s get started on helping you to change the world in the way only YOU can.

Sign up for your No More Mouse Call today!

My No More Mouse Power Hour program is open to anyone who wants to begin standing up for themselves and the causes they believe in!

Scroll down and choose your date to get started.

I only have a limited number of spots available so jump on this NOW before they fill up.

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