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About Jack Ori

I'm a transgender man who loves sharing my story to help others.

Prior to my gender transition in 2012, I was the self-proclaimed “king of invisibility.” I didn’t think anyone even noticed me or would miss me if I was gone and bounced around from one unhealthy relationship and minimum wage job to another without any real purpose.

That’s why I don’t mind sharing my story with people who may not be familiar with transgender issues. I don’t believe in the idea that it’s not my job to educate others. How can anyone learn what transgender people need and want if we won’t talk to them?

I have spoken in front of parent groups such as PFLAAG as well as on tons of podcasts, including The Impactful Parent and A Wonderful Chaos. I’ve also presented at summits such as The Strong Willed Child 2021 Summer Summit.

Some of the most popular topics  I speak about include:

  • My transgender story — what it was like for me growing up transgender and closeted, what led me to transition, and how life has changed for me since
  • Tips for parents of transgender kids who want to support their children’s authentic identities
  • How I use my experiences to write novels about young (cisgender) women who refuse to be defined by their trauma
  • The similarities between gender transition and other types of major life changes.

If you’d like to invite me to speak to your group, fill out the form below or send an email to media@jackaori.com

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