Podcasts and Other Speaking Engagements

Everything I talk about is designed to help empower teens and young adults to live life on their own terms.

I speak in a wide range of settings, everything from podcasts broadcast overseas to virtual conferences. Some of the things I like to talk about include:

  • Tips for living authentically that everyone can use.
  • What popular media gets wrong about Autism and mental health in general and why this is harmful
  • The first steps you can take toward transformation no matter what barriers stand in your way.

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Upcoming Events

– Anxiety Simplified With Joanne Williams (mid-October; exact date TBA) – I will be talking about how to overcome anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the issues that transgender and/or Autistic people face as a result of lockdowns, risk of serious disease, and more.

Recent Events

Short Bio

Ever since beginning his gender transition journey in 2012, Jack A. Ori has been empowering young adults through stories to live life on their own terms more quickly and easily than he did.

Jack was a regular contributor to Autism Empowerment in 2009. and recently appeared on Chat and Spin Radio in the UK,. He writes both fiction and non-fiction to encourage and empower young people; his latest novel, Reinventing Hannah, was named a semi-finalist in the 2020 Kindle Book Awards.

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